Complete Alloy Wheel

Alloy Wheel Refinishing Services

We can provide professional alloy wheel refinishing services for your car, truck, or SUV. Our certified wheel repair technicians will inspect your wheel for cracks and determine if your wheel is safe to repair. If no cracks are detected, and if the depth of wheel damage is within our safe repair limits, we will return your damaged wheel to "like-new" condition. 

Let Us Repair Scratched and Scraped Wheels

Complete wheel refinishing solution to alloy wheels that are scratched, scraped, or have peeling paint. Wheels are repaired, primed, painted, and clear coated utilizing patented paint adhesion technology. OEM-approved paint is color matched to every wheel before repair.
Alloy Wheel

Depend on Our Alloy Wheel Specialists

Damages to your wheel can take away the appealing appearance of your vehicle. Our alloy wheel repair specialists can safely repair scrapes, gouges, cracks, peeling, and straighten a bent rim.
  • Save time, money, and efforts by not replacing
  • Prevents damage to tires, steering, and suspension system
  • Wheels that will look like new
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